Introducing pocket knives that are the size of a credit card and are designed to look as extreme as they really are. Every part of this knife is engineered to look, feel, and perform as you need and want. It’s a multitool as well, with multiple features for everyday use. Worried TSA airport security might confiscate this knife from you? With our FlyOff design, think again. More about that in a minute.  

With our first credit card knife, WildCard™, we wanted to minimize space and maximize utility. With our second iteration, we wanted to leave nothing on the table and have that fact be evident at first glance.



Our Hyper-Thin 440 is made with an upgraded 440C stainless steel blade. This harder material can cut longer without dulling and sharpens to a sharper edge. It's 30% stronger as well. We also upgraded the handle from 410 stainless steel to 420, a 40% increase in yield strength.