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Zootility is an independent company of makers - we design and make our products ourselves, using quality materials and laser cutters to slowly create one at a time. We pride ourselves on blending fun designs into functional products. All of our products are made in Portland, Maine.



Inside your monthly Hello Monkey Box, you will receive our latest innovation along with a card telling the story behind the product and the development challenges we faced during the design process. Products will come from a variety of categories, and uses. All of them of superior craftsmanship. All Made In USA.


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And receive a free laser cut keyring as a signup gift. Our patented keyring design, Keyround, is also "fingernail friendly". As always, Hello Monkey Box is:

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Zootility By The Numbers

500,000+ Multi-tools Sold

Our ultra-thin multi-tools are carried in pockets around the world. 

4,500+ Stores

We are carried in stores in every US State and many countries worldwide.

20,000+ Happy Online Customers

Our 10 Kickstarters and online store have generated a large number of satisfied customers.

Past Products

Food-Safe Grill Scraper

Grrrilla™ is a bristle-free grill scraper that is compatible with almost any model of charcoal, propane (gas), and campground grills.

See Grrrilla >

A Modern Keyring

Keyround® opens easily with your finger tips - not your finger nails. The ends are designed only to open in one plane, and they interlock to avoid being pulled apart. 

See Keyround >

Multi-tool Comb

Headgehog™ is a comb that is also a multitool. At 1mm thin and the size of a credit card, you can even stow it in your billfold or wallet and have it everywhere you go!

See Headgehog >

Uniquely Shaped Coasters

Cutout Coasters in the shape of many unique designs, including each US state. Made from birch wood, protected on the back with cork, each laser cut and hand assembled.

See Cutout Coasters >

Credit Card Bottle Opener

Open Beer Season™ is our collection of ridiculous bottle openers. The state cutout is the bottle opener, and has been scaled to the perfect size for popping that bottle cap off.

See Beer Card >

Puzzle and a Coaster

Puzzle Coaster is cut from birch wood and handmade in the USA. The patented locking concept prevents the pieces from sticking to glass condensation and from the pieces falling out.

See Puzzle Coaster >


By subscribing to Hello Monkey Box, you’ll be one of the first to have their hands on Zootility’s latest innovations as soon as they roll out of the shop. Each month you’ll be mailed a box containing one or more products. 

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